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View Diary: Faux News Frank Luntz caught using the same person for "focus group" (149 comments)

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    Exclamation Point Brian, Paver

    It's a New Hampshire focus group.  No evidence is given that the man in question is a professional actor, nor will any be.  As for why he appeared on both telecasts, that's because he is likely in a focus group series.  One could make a valid criticism, which is that the use of the same people likely increases observer dependency, but that's not what this diary does.

    People who love this country can change it.

    by DelRPCV on Mon Jan 07, 2008 at 06:32:33 AM PST

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      Push Barcack Obama through independent voters and down with Hillary. Well, most of us democrats is very happy to play along.  They might think it's going to help them. But I would say "be careful of what you wish for." O might not be too easy to beat either.

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      DelRPCV, wmc418

      this strategy when the claim is that participants are undecided.

      If this is a series, then Luntz should say so.

      The implication, when these things are broadcast, is that these are representative voters who are hearing candidates afresh. They are supposed to be tabula rasa, no?

      Are all the participants part of a series? How could you run a panel consisted of prior and new participants? How were people selected? I now doubt that they were randomly, recently selected potential participants, who were called, asked if they were still undecided and then asked if they wanted to participate. If anything, they were contacted a part of pool of undecideds over a year ago. But, undecideds don't always stay undecided. They go stale. So the methodology is fraudulent.

      The guy seems favorably impressed by McCain. So, is he still undecided months later?  

      I haven't gotten to all the good parts in the comments, yet.  Apologies if other have made this remark.

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