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View Diary: Dean's Legacy & The Earthquake In Iowa & NH (163 comments)

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  •  "the tea is in the harbor!" nice to see your (6+ / 0-)

    user name again, tea, and thanks for this great diary. Listening to Obama talk about how we'd remember Iowa as "the moment" everything changed, I did say to myself, wait a minute, Obama, this is a culmination, too, not just a brand-new beginning, please don't forget.

    This Edwards (and Dean) supporter is pleased as punch about the way Obama won in Iowa, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the big turnout and maybe even the 3rd place showing for Clinton is repeated in NH.

    Clinton and her team may be good at "manipulating the shrinking pie" (I like that!), but Edwards' and Obama's wins over the "don't even bother, of course she's going to win" conventional wisdom continue to demonstrate to Democrats -- and voters -- that expanding the pie can be a more successful political strategy, as well as, of course, being closer to the ideals of a "democratic" Democratic Party. Now, if Obama wins, he and the "new" stronger, Democratic Congress have gotta make good on the promise of real change -- despite all the Big Money contributions to Obama from players more interested in continuing to get favors from the gov't than real change -- if they can't do that, all our work for "people power" will go for naught, as voters sink back into "they won't sucker me into participating again" disillusionment.

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