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  •  Reasons? (4+ / 0-)

    Gut feeling is one thing, but what evidence and reasoning do you base this on?

    I think he beats McCain because he has the advantage on quite a few factors:

    The public is favoring Dems now
    Youth, energy and charisma
    The whole "change" and "hope" mantra
    Judgement over the war
    Optimism and confidence over anger and fear
    He's capturing the center from McCain
    He represents the future, not past
    McCain got too close to Bush
    McCain's flip-flops on taxes & torture
    McCain's positions on immigration & campaign finance
    McCain pandered to religious right

    They'll hold their noses, but the right would mostly vote for McCain. But he's losing the center and soft right to Obama and Dems. The only advantages he might have over Obama are experience, being a veteran, foreign policy and gravitas. But in a climate that favors youth, hope, change and optimism, Obama's advantages win out, I think. The public likes and respects McCain, but it adores Obama. Of course, this adoration might fade over time, and in the light of attacks from the right. But right now, I see Obama as having the advantage over McCain.

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    by kovie on Tue Jan 08, 2008 at 01:57:17 AM PST

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