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View Diary: House Resolution To Endorse "Biblical Worldview" Pending... (260 comments)

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    who is a cosponsor -- using comments from Troutfishing's previous diary since i am not gifted in composing  statements---

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing today to urge you reconsider your co-sponsorship of House Resolution 888, "Affirming the rich spiritual and religious history of our [Nation]."

    Aside from being filled with inaccuracies about the Founding Fathers and how they arrived at their ideas for our Constitution,  (read up the inaccuracies: ) this Resolution is clearly an attempt to establish one religion as the "official" religion of the United States.  As a Catholic who married a Jew, I am deeply disturbed that this is even being considered.

    I note with disappointment that you voted for H.Res 1143, "Recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith."  I agree with you, sir, that faith is a virtue, but because you are a representative of the government, I find it incredibly inappropriate for you to express your approval of any one religion, any several religions, or any lack of religion.

    I hope that you will not continue voting in support of un-Constitutional bills such as Resolutions 1143 and 888.   Attempting to re-write history in order to bolster your own religious or political preferences is undemocratic and dangerous.  This country was not founded as explicitly Christian, but this law would try to change history and say it was. It would favor Christianity over other religions. It would promote one religion over another, something that the founders of our country specifically forbade.

    Please be reminded that the separation of Church and state does not exist merely to protect the citizens from burden by overly intrusive religious doctrine, but also to protect the Church and Faithfuls from people who use GOD as their PR agent, and redefine religious dogma to justify, add cover, or legitimize their political agenda and personal behavior.

    (Also be aware that the "Big Lie" was a tactic of Hitler and Stalin.)

    I want to see our proud tradition of freedom of religion, and freedom from religious oppression continue in this country. Please reconsider your support for HR 888.

    Thank you - you rightwing religious wacko!!!!

    (that's not how i really signed it)

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