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View Diary: Medical Crisis: The Shape Of Things To Come (245 comments)

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  •  The looming Medicare crisis.. (0+ / 0-)

    is an indication of what any new Healthcare system will be like without real consideration of costs.

    The only real way to reduce costs drastically is to federalize all healthcare (socialize, if you like) a la the UK's NHS.  This will never happen in the US.

    To reduce costs, a government run system will try to pay providers the least amount they can.  Private doctors and clinics will simply refuse to treat patients under a government run system, just as many do now with Medicare and Medicaid.

    Something needs to be done, obviously.  But there is no panacea.  I think incremental changes might be more effective.  

    First, a government run optional low cost insurance with premiums income based.  Co-pay amounts are also income based.  This will allow people who have pre-existing conditions to at least purchase care.

    Second, catastrophic insurance for all funded by a payroll deduction.

    Third, government funded programs for prevention and coverage (drugs and diagnostics) of the most prevalent chronic illnesses like high blood pressure and diabetes.

    Fourth, coverage for all children administered through schools.  Costs could be minimal for such a program if inoculations, eye exams, etc are all conducted at the schools by permanent or itinerant medical personnel.

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