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    breakthroughs in medical care come from academic research, which is primarily funded (though not recently since funding is at an all time low and, many researchers and Labs are going to start moving to other countries) through the NIH, and DOD. Pharmaceutical companies play a role too, but most of the basic science that leads to breakthroughs and the development of new treatments comes from the academic research field.

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      DOD comes up with most of the trauma innovations, Pharms come up with most treatments like BP meds and antivirals....stuff that has to be taken very day hence the profit and academics come up with esoteric stuff and rare disease treatments.  That being said it is shameful we have not cured aids or vaccinated it and the same with malaria.  I am for the most research as we can afford in all science not just medicine as this is what used to be the US's lead, though admittedly we have been eclipsed recently by many other countries in the sciences.

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        Academic researchers do most of the basic research. Pharma companies design the drugs, and pays for the research that tests them. But a not for profit universal health care system does not effect Pharma companies (not directly) it effects insurance companies, who do not fund research.

        The fact of the matter is, is that profit comes at the expense of patient care. You cant have both, you either have top reduce profit in order to increase patient care or increase profits at the cost of patient care. The problem with the system now (and IMO it is an inherent problem in a for profit health care system) is that profits trump patient care.

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