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  •  how so? (0+ / 0-)

    I don't know a single direct care provider who works for Medicare or its related agencies.  Do you?

    The physician providers I know are all small business people.  But, they will take Medicare covered patients.  

    So are you say that any businesses that take government payment are "socialized"?

    •  Nursing Homes (0+ / 0-)

      Here in Tampa there are several (Ghastly) nursing homes that are exclusively medicare.

      My beef with medicaid medicare is the bureaucracy involved and the wastefulness.  If you take the for profit out of it people are wasteful, because why not.  

      Military Medicine is a great model for socialized health care if I were to endorse a brand.  Here come a half dozen posts below on how terrible it is.  I am talking about active duty not VA, although VA still does a better job than many other systems.

      •  I have visited FL nursing homes (0+ / 0-)

        I have also worked on many long term care quality studies.

        The ones you are familiar with are likely owned and operated by for-profit publicly traded corporations.  Many of these private for-profit corporations have been shown to have operating practices/systems which sacrifice available resident health resources for the benefit of shareholder profit.

        Are you now saying that private for-profit nursing home operators are socialized medicine?

        •  All of them? (0+ / 0-)

          Working on an ambulance a few years ago I picked up and delivered back and forth all over south fl for interfacility transports.  There are some good and some bad I won't name names on a blog.  Group housing of old people is socialistic. Parents should be taken care of by their children are at least with heavy involvement of the children.  Is there any difference between leaving a parent to die over the course of a year from bedsores and malnutrition and leaving them in the wilderness.  Both are horrible.  I would like to see our culture change to larger household with extended families who help with childrearing etc.  Mom, Dad and two kids with grandpa in a home upstate does not seem right.

          •  Kids not providing parent care is socialized med? (0+ / 0-)

            Parents should be taken care of by their children are at least with heavy involvement of the children.  

            Each time you keep going down a new hole.  But, I'll try once more to get an answer.

            So again to you, what part of Medicare is socialized medicine?  It seems like now that what makes it socialized medicine to you is that children are not involved enough in their parents long term care?

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