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  •  I applaud your humanity (0+ / 0-)

    And lack of ability to make important decisions quickly.  Since I am a medic going to medical school this fall let me tell you how it is.  Some people make decisions.  Do we or don't we: Go to war, get fries with that, treat this patient, treat that patient instead.  

    Choosing not to decide is still a choice and as pointed out above there are not enough livers (or numerous other resources) so someone has to make hard decisions.  I am glad it is open to review and that people complain about the process. Otherwise things like race and gender would play a greater role in the quality of care people receive. And yes minorities seeing the same physician as whites often receive care of lesser quality.

    I will say it again if i have a liver for a pediatric patient or an alcoholic screw the alcoholic, and I won't apologize.  Look up the criteria, you'll see the medical community agrees with me although they are not as blunt.

    •  no they don't agree with you (1+ / 0-)
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      get fries with that

      I worked with renal physicians for a number of years in the largest teaching hospital in New England.  Transplant decisions are not made as simply and mono-dimensionally as you write.

      Hopefully medical school will teach you that and allow you to appreciate that the practice of medicine is the combination of science and love.

      •  Twist my words (0+ / 0-)

        Mono = one

        Age, Disease, Means of infection are three different categories, while ignoring all the surface proteins and blood types as well as geographic proximity to the donated organ. You continue to suggest simplicity and lack of realism in my argument where it does not exist.  

        BTW patients and family members continually compliment me on my bedside manner and compassion.

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