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  •  Most doctors accept Medicare patients (0+ / 0-)

    And one of the first things we need to make sure is that doctors, particularly primary care doctors are paid reasonable fees.  Otherwise the whole thing collapses.

    •  unfortunately (0+ / 0-)

      this is a misconception.  Practitioners are already limiting their practices for medicare, some are leaving.  With the 10% cut in reimbursement slated for july, surveys have shown that the majority will either limit or stop taking medicare.  Unfortunately at some point it is all about the money... and no i dont meant so i can go play golf kind of money... i mean so i can pay my staff and electric bill kind of money. Our area currently has few doctors taking any new medicare patients, many closed to new medicare, and some now choosing to opt out.  The great thing about the extension that was passed until july is that it makes everyone look like a rose... we cant opt out until next year, whereas some would have chosen to if there was a 10% cut january 1.

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