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    It doesn't matter now whether the election is clean or dirty.  The seed of Doubt has been sown and sprouted into a quick-growing and vigorous vine of Distrust.  And no democracy, no government other than pure and oppressive physical tyranny, can survive without the trust of the people.  It's trust that causes people to share, to give of their resources to the commons voluntarily without coercion; it's trust that leads people to obey rules that they don't particularly like or that aren't in their self-interest if they can get around or ignore them.  It's trust that makes a society work.

    It doesn't matter if the election was clean or dirty.  What matters is that at the first indication of an unexpected result, a significant percentage of people are now ready to assume the worst.  Trust has been shattered.  It's a cat that can't be shoved back into the bag; a dandelion pod that can't be recovered from the wind.  From this point on, there will always be a significant and growing faction of the populace that views the government as illegitimate.  That the Republicans have stoked this impression for thirty years doesn't help, but as this faction gets larger, communal action will get harder and harder until it's pretty much impossible.  

    The Republic is dead; we have failed to hold it.  It remains only to be seen, if we proceed to Imperium, feudalization/Balkanization, or anarchy.  Personally, I prefer Balkanization as a sort of middle ground; it implies that social contracts remain valid on a localized or regional level, at least.

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