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  •  I will remain consisent here. (3+ / 0-)
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    As an Independent, I am not alone when I say that Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee will mean Democratic defeat in November.

    I don't say that I'll vote Republican.

    Can't do that this year.  Just can't.  

    But I would leave the President part blank or vote 3rd party because I cannot and will not ever vote for her.

    That said, Barack Obama has me wanting to join the Democratic party much the same way other Independents (not me) joined the Republicans because of Reagan.

    Inspiration vs. Same old shit.

    What Washington needs is adult supervision. --BARACK OBAMA

    by broui on Wed Jan 09, 2008 at 11:27:34 AM PST

    •  I don't think I'll vote GOP (0+ / 0-)

      But Hillary turns my stomach, and I keep hearing people all around me say "If Hillary's the candidate I'm voting Republican."  And, I'm hearing this from Kerry voters.  

      If the Dems can't hold onto Kerry voters in CT if Hillary is the nominee, then how will they fair in states in the midwest?  

    •  And that's the rub (0+ / 0-)

      The problem that I see with Hillary, and this somewhat echos the original post, is that she is damaged goods to too many people.  That doesn't make her evil or wrong in real life, but reflects how far too much of the country sees her.

      Though he still has to seal the deal, Obama at least gets a fresh look from many people.  Hillary never gets that chance.  Yes, there are plenty of Democrats that like her, but there are just not enough of those people to win come November.

      Too many people have a negative Pavlovian response when they even hear the name Hillary (e.g. foaming at the mouth or nausea).  I'm not saying it's fair.  I'm saying it's so.

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