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    I think that there is a flip side to my diary. That is, we already know the attacks on Hillary so we can be more prepared for them. Moreover, they will be old news by then. We know that the American people tend not to care about old news.

    On the other hand, attacks on Obama will be new and fresh. We'll be faster to respond to them than 4 years ago, but they'll get more free media coverage for their freshness.

    Mind you, everyone, that I do not think that any of this is dispositive. This is not the only reason to vote against Clinton or the only reason to vote for her. I can think of plenty of reasons to support Obama and/or Hillary, and plenty of reasons not to. Neither is perfect.

    I wanted to point out this one because it is not actually about Hillary. It is about Democratic voters' fears of losing and how that would make them feel.

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