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    The Caucus sort of works like an electoral college.   You're not trying to win with total votes, your trying to win the most of hundreds of mini elections.   Each of the hundreds of caucus gets a certain number of delegates to assign.  

    I know in my last primary, my caucus had two delegates to assign to the state convention.   Even though the numbers broke toward a majority for Kerry, the math worked out that we split our delegates one to Dean and one to Kerry.  In that way Kerry got more votes, but at least at our table, he tied Dean.  

    Little math things like that can lead to the results like the ones you saw above.  I suspect there were lots of caucus where Edwards and Obama ran neck and neck and Clinton got killed, but Obama got more delegates.  Combine that with a few caucus where Clinton killed both of the other two and its easy to see how you could get more delegates and recieve less votes.

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