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  •  Edwards for Obama n/t (0+ / 0-)

    Edwards moves make no sense to me in any other context.

    •  How about he wants to win? (1+ / 0-)
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      How about he wants me and 99% of the other voters to have a say in who is the president?  Don't make this a TWO person race yet either.  There are other candidates.  The COM may like to make it a fight between a pair, but a three way is what it is...

      •  He probably does want to win... (0+ / 0-)

        I want to walk on the moon.

        We both know it ain't happenin'.

        I think the above analysis is right, because a) I don't see Edwards winning the nomination, and b) I don't see him or his delegates going over to Clinton. When doing the math, I add Edwards' delegates to Obama, because that's where I think they're going to end up.

        And I'm not even an Obama supporter. Well, actually, I support him, and all of our folks, but I'll likely vote for Bill Richardson in CA. Even if he drops out. Hell, I voted for Dean in '04, and he was long gone by then. Because all of the candidates are qualified, to the extent that one can be for this job before you actually have it, all would make good Presidents (greatness cannot be predicted.) There isn't a one of them that I would object to seeing on January 20, 2009. But Richardson is a)the best candidate in 2nd Amendment terms, and b)would be the smartest VP pick, helping us enormously in the West, and among Latinos. Just trying to win the Kerry states and either Ohio or Florida won't cut it... the Party needs to move West.

        So, I'm picking based on a real policy difference that matters to me, and also hoping to give him enough delegates and numerical support to put him in contention for the VP slot. But no, he won't win. I acknowledge that.

        And that's why I'm not advising any Edwards supporters to change their votes. Because I'm not going to.

        Clinton simply does not move me, and I'm active on a number of boards with a lot of right-wing posters. Gun and hunting boards, actually. As you might imagine, the membership leans heavily Republican, and they are all salivating at the prospect of her candidacy. They don't like Obama, because he's a Democrat. They hate Hillary Clinton with an intensity that must been seen to be believed. The difference in degree is huge, and will, I think, hurt us not only in the Presidential race, but in the Congress as well.

        Edwards will drop out. When or whether he should, I don't know, and I bet that the balance of Hillary / Obama power will play a role in his decision, but I'm convinced that he will withdraw.


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