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  •  The fact was that ... (0+ / 0-)

    ... the optical forms could be rescanned.  (They were Diebold optical machines).

    Whether that would (will) happen is something else entirely.

    I am surprised by the presumption among some on this site that absolute power does not corrupt absolutely.  One private, non-Governmental entity having the chain of custody on 81% of the ballots in NH is a prima facie case of corruption, in my opinion.

    Apparently the "conspiracy theorists" are supposed to produce evidence on fraud without having access to any of the original ballots, and any inference from the numbers they point out is circularly shouted down by skeptics as needing said (unavailable) evidence to support.  Circumstantial evidence is just not good enough for some people, who apparently slept through Evidence class.

    But hey, people get the system they tolerate.

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