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View Diary: First Thoughts on the Town-by-Town Results From New Hampshire (422 comments)

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    Jon Meltzer

    When I said you don't know anything about NH politics, it was a factual statement, not an insult.  And yes, in NH we have the expectation of meeting our elected officials at the poll on election day.  We are spoiled in that way, but I do not think that is a bad thing. (I wish you all had the same opportunity.) Politics is our state sport, and it is personal but not mean.

    The regulations for standing outside a poll location in NH are very strict.  You have to have a finger, at least, on your sign or totem.  Those of us in the "sign pit" quickly form allegiances with  voters from our ward. During my absences my Edwards sign was "fingered" by a friend of Mike Huckabee from Arkansas, a Ron Paul volunteer, and someone from the Hillary campaign.

    Unless you live here in NH you won't understand the politics.  The polls mean nothing, because everyone, including me simply stopped answering their phones last week.

    I believe that every time you hear a newborn whale that you hear God.

    by mlheslin on Wed Jan 09, 2008 at 12:16:16 PM PST

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      1. When you want to reply to someone's comment, hit the "reply to this" link at the bottom of that comment.
      1. This NH exceptionalism about politics is silly. Any state has its own political issues, but NH is not  that different from anywhere else.
      1. Your "factual statement"? Note the number of people laughing their asses off at you.
      1. On election day 2006, I visited every polling location in Concord, some of them twice, and several in neighboring towns. At every site there were signs for multiple candidates left unattended.
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      Ok, check this out, from DH addressed to someone else:

      You're Hilarious (0 / 0)

      You apparently think that you've got some exclusive view because you're "on the ground."  Well, there are at least a few people on this thread who know quite a bit about New Hampshire.  Some even know a bit about Loudon, like where the Dunkin Donuts is on 106, or that you can pick up a NYT on Sunday Mornings down at the Epsom Circle, or that if you drive 129 from Pittsfield road down to 106 it's downhill most of the way, and that on that drive you'll pass the orchard on the left.  

      And the guy to whom you're saying you're "on the ground" lives in New Hampshire, and used to live about a 15 drive from Loudon.

      BTW, there's almost no place to meet people in Loudon (other than the first or second weekend in July) unless you go up their driveway.  There are almost no resturants, or stores or other places that people congregate.  You could try to meet people at the laundry place on 129 just east of 106, or maybe at Loudon lumber, but if you expect to meet people together, you're pretty much driving to Pittsfield (where you still won't find to many people clustered) or up to Gilmanton or Laconia, but probably all the way in to Concord.  

      And Elwood knows that.  

      The revolution will not be televised, but we'll analyze it to death at The Next Hurrah.

      by DHinMI on Wed Jan 09, 2008 at 04:55:23 PM EST

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