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View Diary: My Day at the NH Polls and the Tsunami of Women Voters (156 comments)

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  •  The pundits got the memo (11+ / 0-)

    saying that candidates who cry are toast.  The voters didn't.  All I heard on Tuesday was that Hillary had lost because of her "breakdown" on Monday.  I saw replays of that clip all day and thought it was idiotic to say that was a breakdown.  I became more and more sympathetic to Hillary as the day went on.  Hey, we've got a moron in the White House who would never cry about anything - he just snickers and smirks and doesn't care about anything that he's done or anything that is happening.  Democrats cry because they care.  Republicans shrug and walk away from patients in wheelchairs, connive and laugh as they destroy peoples' lives.  If I lived in NH I would have voted for Hillary yesterday, too, and she's not my first choice.  

    Great diary and thanks for all your work.  How great that you got to talk to Pres. Clinton.  What a day for you!z

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