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  •  Richardson for VP (0+ / 0-)

    I think Richardson would make a great VP nominee for Obama.  He brings major executive and foreign policy experience (which will be one area of Republican attack against Obama).  Richardson and Obama seem to get along well.  He would guarantee a win in swing state Mew Mexico.  I also suspect he would help electorally with Hispanics everywhere and westerners in swing states like Nevada, Colorado, and maybe even Arizona.  

    •  Glad Richardson Is Gone (0+ / 0-)

      While I would be happy to see Richardson in a foreign policy position like Secretary of State, his foray into national elective politics is unwelcome.

      If the stars were aligned differently and Richardson somehow won the nomination he could have been pounded in the general election.

      All Republicans would need is an ad featuring a Richardson interview in a Las Vegas paper from a couple of years ago.

      In the interview Richardson wanted a national water policy that would give sun belt states access to Great Lakes (probably Lake Michigan) water. Combine that with his strident support of "free trade" AND ...

      Losing Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and probably other Great Lakes states would make his election impossible.

      Yeah, that's some resume.

      The sun belt is morbidly overpopulated and constitutes an unnecessary drain on resources. Boosting it all the more would be catastrophic.

      In fact let's keep him out of foreign affairs as well.  The specter of an American SoS opening his clueless mouth to Canadians about water is an ugly prospect.

      We've heard the same positions from other braindead sun belt politicians and the fact that Richardson is one of them is no recommendation for him to go any farther up the chain.

      When Bush told Chetein that he wanted water for Texas he was greeted with polite but stony silence.  

      If we're going to have a national policy about resources the first priority should be to shut down growth in the sun belt and encourage business and industry to relocate to more sensible locations.

      We ought to vett prsidential candidates and put warning labels on the whack jobs.

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