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View Diary: Support California Bill to Stop U.S. Torture Collaboration by M.D.s & Psychologists (23 comments)

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    Mary2002, Fallon

    Either you eliminate all state interference in the realm of the professions, and I mean all professions, or you allow it. Then the question is what types of interference and regulation do you allow? It is a logical fallacy and an over-simplification to cite the instances you do as the reductio ad absurdum of my stance. These are issues that need to be fought out on a societal level, but to relegate it to all a simplistic formula, and then tie it in to something as incendiary as the abortion issue is, IMHO, mistaken.

    I share your pessimism, by the way, about state intervention. But I don't reify the issue. You may also note that I don't think any such resolution would have much practical effect. I see it as a political blow, pure and simple.

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