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  •  "behaved like warlords"... (13+ / 0-)

    They are warlords.

    And thank you for saying "While they took this farther than ever before, the American exceptionalism and imperial arrogance that have characterized their reign originated long before the September 11 event they have used to justify their actions. Renouncing and uprooting both is essential to our future well-being and of everyone else around the planet."

    I've been saying this for at least three decades.  Most people turn away or shake their heads as if I were crazy, or lecture me about how bad Stalin was, or something.  Tell them what we did to the Indians and you get "Well, the Indians weren't so nice, either.  They scalped people."  (A technique that they learned from the European colonists.)  Or other words like those.  

    I've said - for decades - that until we acknowledge the crimes we committed to get this continent, and the crimes we committed to build it (slavery, utter disregard for environment and other species), we will continue to repeat the same crimes here and elsewhere, in the names of "freedom" and "free markets".  And the ultimate end could only be ugly, if we did not finally 'fess up.


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