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  •  Men oppose one another for two reasons (2+ / 0-)
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    marina, Calamity Jean

    The First:  They believe you are wrong, and wish to offer an opposing vision for the benefit of all.

    The Second:  They believe you are right, and wish to hold back the truth from the many, for the benefit of the few.

    Teddy Roosevelt, bold, odd and fair as he was held a great number of opposing views principly for the first reason.

    George Bush, and his coup de etat stakeholders exclusively work for the Second Reason.

    Dr. Hansen and his paradigm shattering work, his completely credible science, and his strangth will eventually wear down those who oppose for the second reason.

    Unfortunately.   It will be much too late for our beloved coastal cities.

    •  Is "completely credible" science enough? (0+ / 0-)

      While completely credible is a stretch, I believe that Hansen has mostly done good science and his alamrs are worth attention.

      I'm bothered by the "left out" science and the bad politics that surround it.

      The problem is this:

      There seems to be significant agreement that it would take something like 1000 years (give or take) to drop CO2 levels to that 350 ppm level he's talking about -- if human beings were to vanish from the earth.

      Human beings aren't going to vanish from the earth any time soon.  India is going to sell millions of $2500 Tatas, China will continue to industrialize and other third world nations will follow.

      Space for forests is likely to decline, not increase.
      Poor countries are not going to stay poor for the sake of rich countries who have cooked the planetary goose.

      The United States has already surrendered its no 1 emitter title to China, with India and Indonesia getting ready to overtake us as well.

      I agree that conservation and renewable energy are great ideas for a lot of reasons, but I sure wish the scientists and politicians would pull their heads out of the sands and start talking about survival as well as mitigation.

      Oh -- and to get real about the costs of actually making a difference, because it's going to take a log more than Priuses, solar panels, and scam carbon credits.

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