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    This whole idea of Dems voting for Romney to undercut McCain/Huckabee is misguided. I for one, loathe the idea of a Romney presidency because of his chameleon soul in politics and his adherence to corporate rule. But we can't forget that if Romney wins it will not be due to the moderate elements in the Republican Party. He is a product of the conservative establishment, their golden boy. The supply-side, war for everyone, torture is great, Supreme Court politicizing, corporations rule the world Republicans. It's these boys and girls that are hammering McCain and Huckabee. Why? Because they are the least establishment of the 3. Forget what Mitt did in Mass. In the WH he will use and promote his friend sthat got him there.

    Romney will owe them. Forget the evangelical admiration of Huckabee. They have been used by the Romney supporters, the Reaganites for decades. They will not determine the nominee for the Republican Party. The power people, the money people, the AM airwaves, all those that love Romney will decide it. And come general election time who do the evagelicals support? Whatever Republican candidate is up there, just like always. Some won't vote for a Mormon but for most folks voting for the "R" money comes before God and Romney is all about the money.

    Dems should want to win back the WH. Period. Along with an expansion of majority in Congress it is the opportunity to start to turn governance around to the people again. McCain would be tough to beat. But I think he will look like a tired old part of the establishment against Obama in particular. If the country votes on fear, it doesn't matter. Any Republican will win. Huckabee, engaging as he seems won't make it to the general and wouldn't win. When he is the sole face of the party his ideas will be seen as extreme. Romney? Rich, tall, good-looking, competent speaking,square jaw lilly white businessman standing up against a woman or a black man with a name that sounds like Osama? Sorry, I'm cynical enough to not trust that the American electorate can get past that...

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