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View Diary: Dems for Mitt rolls on! (253 comments)

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    As I believe Romney is actually the strongest of the GOP candidates.

    1. He is the only one who has actively reached out to all three legs of the "Republican coalition", and is now actively courting the new fourth leg of anti=immigration voters.

    2.He is good looking and more than any candidate on both sides actually looks like a president. I know this is shallow but we are in a television age where many voters get there news from Acess Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight. There votes count for just as much if not more than political junkies like us (sadly enough).

    1. He can claim with all credibility of coming from outside washington and having had success working both outside and inside government.
    1. As for the negatives that he is a flip flopper on conservative issues, these problems would be minimized in a general election matchup where both sides usually argue from the center.

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