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  •  #19 of the 50 Most Loathsome People in America (6+ / 0-)
    1. Robert E. Murray

    Charges: A modern-day Boss Tweed who saw the Grandall Canyon mine disaster as his own personal tragedy, weeping for the cameras while he tried to cover his ass in the most ridiculous way imaginable, insisting his mine collapsed due to an earthquake that somehow went undetected by seismologists, rather than the corner-cutting, cash-wringing, dangerous practice of retreat mining. This bloated, maniacal jackass is so out of touch that he didn't seem to recognize the horrified disgust on the faces of the miners' families he coddled for the cameras, as if they weren't real people to him, just props in some insane, ego-driven PR campaign to minimize his financial liability. A caricature of industrial greed.

    Exhibit A: Says Al Gore is "more dangerous than global warming."

    Sentence: Buried upside down in anthracite until death, while Donald Trump stands next to his feet and gives hourly speeches about how much he cares about it.

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