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  •  actually, i'd disagree (2+ / 0-)
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    trial lawyers are part of the solution - effective law suits can be a real deterrent for mine operators.

    but the only way this kind of worker safety abuse will be stopped will be by labor.  workers themselves are in the best position to know their safety conditions.  an organized worker is a powerful worker, and a powerful worker is a safe worker.  don't expect this to happen - i think the UMWA has more retirees than active members these days, and these retirees don't care all that much about organizing the rest of the coal industry.  things are bad now, and even with a democratic president they're going to get worse.  no democrat has really helped labor since FDR.  neither of the front runners has said anything concrete about increasing unions' much curtailed bargaining rights, while both have been supporters of 'free trade.'

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