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  •  don't wait too long (17+ / 0-)

    At some point there is probably going to be a stampede to get out and other countries will probably start to make it very difficult for Americans to gain citizenship. Thanks to Bush we have lost whatever good will the rest of the world once had for us. When our economy finally collapses, emigrating politically and economically "distressed" Americans may be looked on as pariahs by people in other nations.

    It seems like most of the English-speaking countries want you to have something to offer as a prospective citizen, a not unreasonable attitude if you're going to become eligible for their various social services. So you either need to be bringing a goodly amount of money in with you, or have desirable job skills, or know people who can sponsor you based on other intangibles, or even better some combination of those things. In multilingual or non-English-speaking countries you need to be reasonably fluent in the local language as well. So that implies you need to prepare for such a move by polishing up your ability to meet those requirements, which could take months or years.

    Going in a hurry and with no skills or contacts you could basically end up as a refugee. And if Homeland Security is screening those who leave to make sure no enemies of the state will be roaming free in other countries badmouthing the US, it might be too late to even take that path.

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