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View Diary: I Will Always Fight, But I Cannot Wait Anymore (63 comments)

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  •  Movin' on is THE American tradition (0+ / 0-)

    Until we're buried, we aren't ever in a permanent location.

    Your insights should guide you. What you want, and what you need.

    Take advantage of the fact that 'forever' is a concept that really never applies to life.  Your roots are here: you may need some travel time to let yourself grow.

    It's easy to travel. The tricky part is earning money while you're visiting someplace.  

    Depending on your situation, what you like, and do not, the Canadian Maritimes might be a good place for you.  It's pretty easy to get 'permanent resident status' there, because they NEED people.  Of course, it may be hard to find work, which is why so many folks growing up there leave to make money someplace else. But IF you have something to offer, and I'm sure you do, you might find something.

    This is a good place to look first:


    The 'America, Love it or leave it' attitude is ridiculous. It just encourages our great ( and potentially fatal ) weakness, a narrow minded self-image that overvalues legends and stories but has little truthful appreciation of America in relationship to the rest of the world.  Even an extended working vacation, or retreat, may help you clear your head, and heart.

    Good luck !

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