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  •  Stop parsing Obama's code speak, please (1+ / 0-)
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    Kos, how can you be so naive?  Why do you think Obama Wawa is talking about Reagan now?  That and the Republicans being the party of idea?  And the put down of lawyers and calling unions a special interest.  It's all code.  Whether it is accurate or not is beside the point.

    So please spare us the parsing.  Obama is running as a Republican now, all his liberal positions notwithstanding.  And you know that when a Republican runs against a Republican, the Republican wins every time.

    Just now I read that Obama has broken his pledge to stay positive.  He is spending his last days in Nevada sniping a Clinton, touting his stance against the war, which come to think of it, is a Republicanesque stance.  Like Lincoln who freed the slaves everywhere except those places remaining under his control, Obama has been against the war all the time except when he has a vote to make.

    Obama WaWa is doing something I didn't think possible, making Hillary look goood.

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