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    Every party and candidate has ideas, to think otherwise is foolish.

    Most of the so called "ideas" that came from reagan and the repugs that appealed to the normal US voter or to the "reagan democrats" were cover for the real agenda. That agenda is what we are living with and have been living through up to now.

    The repugs and reagan were no more a "party of ideas" then any political party or candidate is or was.

    Obama is less than a year older than me. Who did he vote for in 1980 and 1988, I really don't know? Did he fall in love with this republican party of "ideas". I didn't, I could see where reagans ideas were going to take us, so I did not give in to his "Morning In America" crap.

    Is this why Obama clings to this "hope and change" thing? Because reagan was his first vote? Or he watched the "amazing" reagan and said wow?

    This sort of thinking is what got us the DLC and the "moderate" Bill Clinton. Would I rather have Bill then Reagan? Hell yes! Do I think Bill used some of reagan's ideas and strategy? Hell Yes! Do I want more of this? HELL NO!


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