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View Diary: BREAKING: Mike Huckabee member of Bill Gothard cult (264 comments)

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  •  Dear gods, I hope he doesn't (14+ / 0-)

    Not unless we have Obama or Edwards or someone other than Hillary as our nominee, anyways.  (Again, there's the real risk that the "silent majority" may either opt not to vote at all--putting things in a close race--or may actually vote for Huckabee as a protest vote.)

    Now, if the race were between Obama vs. Huckabee, I'd be a bit more confident.  We don't even know how our own primaries are going.

    Remember, people were hoping for a Reagan candidacy, hoping for a Bush candidacy, thinking that they were unelectable.  And look what we got :P

    •  Reagan and Bush were GOP insiders (5+ / 0-)

      backed by big business and the GOP establishment, not just Southern racists and fundamentalist Christians.

      Huckabee doesn't have enough friends in big business or the media or in the Beltway establishment. He would be toast if nominated.

      Still I don't want him anywhere near the nomination. As I've said before, he could be the next Goldwater of the GOP. Even though he doesn't have enough support right now to win the election, his supporters would work day and night to elect someone even crazier than he is. And eventually they would succeed.

      •  I still wouldn't underestimate him. (14+ / 0-)

        Actually, Huckabee does have a rather large engine supporting him--namely, the dominionist churches which have largely helped get GOP candidates elected since the late 70s.  (And no, this is not an insubstantial political engine.  Reagan got in, in part, because Assemblies churches were literally stating that Democrats were "Communist Light" and thus active devil worshippers.  No, I am not making this up.  They were literally calling Jimmy Carter an active Satanist for not being a Republican.)

        Much of Huckabee's campaign that allowed him to win in Iowa was in fact a well-organised political engine by dominionist groups in the state.  The dominionists are frighteningly organised and have been--and Huckabee is "dominionist friendly" enough that many of the groups with real power (and a functional "political engine"--and these also tend to be the more extreme groups) are starting to endorse him.  (Many of these groups, as an aside, were actively talking about bailing to the Constitution Party as late as October 2007.)

        In the Southeast US (and even in parts of California and Colorado), the "church political engine"--even though it is technically illegal--is still a big, big, big force in politics.  In some areas of the country (Texas in particular comes to mind), the GOP has been so thoroughly taken over by dominionist groups that the state GOP convention platforms and the national platform of the Constitution Party (a hardline Christian Reconstructionist political party which has favour among "Christian Patriot" militia groups and a number of dominionist domestic terror groups like the Army of God) are indistinguishable.

        In other words, the dominionists don't have to win all the GOP.  They just have to steeplejack the conventions in the biggest and most influential states (and this is precisely what Huckabee is concentrating on).

        Even if he doesn't win, there's already been enough of a trump card thrown down by dominionist groups that Huckabee is likely to be a veep candidate (as noted, I can well see Romney/Huckabee).  The GOP is not going to risk losing the state conventions in its largest states (including Texas) which have supported Huckabee--that'd take away enough of their voter base (potentially even splitting the party) that it'd guarantee a Democratic win.

      •  You really should read more about (6+ / 0-)
        •  a huge gap separates people like Tom DeLay (6+ / 0-)

          and Huckabee.

          DeLay is a complete cynic, willing to do whatever it takes to get power. He pandered to the right-wing Christians, but he isn't a true believer.

          Even people like Santorum and Frist, who are willing to pander to the Christian right to get votes, don't truly share their views. They're happy to throw the dominionist right under the bus after they've secured their votes. They're interested in the corporate bottom line, and they wouldn't give a shit about the Christian right if it wasn't such a reliable source of support.

          Huckabee is different, he's completely sincere in his beliefs. He represents the beginning of a legitimate Christianist movement. In time that movement may attain enough legitimacy to elect a president that really shares its beliefs. But that time will not be now, and if we're lucky, it will not be within our lifetimes.

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