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View Diary: BREAKING: Mike Huckabee member of Bill Gothard cult (264 comments)

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  •  Pretty extensive, to be honest (9+ / 0-)

    For a much more in-depth discussion, I'd recommend following the links in the article...but Gothard is pretty damn popular among hardline dominionist groups (I remember Gothard being quite popular in the Assemblies even in the 80s) and he is starting to become quite popular in the SBC as well.

    Gothard himself claims to have given the "Basic Seminar" to 2.5 million people; the Assemblies have a membership of something like five million people; the SBC has a membership of fifty million people.  (This isn't counting the smaller neopente groups he's popular in, either.)

    Increasingly, Gothardites are also invading homeschool groups (this started becoming problematic in the 1980s).

    Probably the thing where most people are going to have exposure to Gothard stuff is in the "CharacterCounts!" frontgroup he operates targeting public schools and municipal governments.  Per Silva Talji's "Cult of Character", the Gothard empire brings in around $73 million annually as of 2006; 160 cities, 31 counties, and seven states (Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Ohio, Oklahoma and South Carolina) were using Gothard's program or had been certified "Cities of Character" by Gothard's group (there are also at least 47 cities outside the US who have participated in Gothard's programs, largely in Latin America and the Philippines which have also been heavily targeted by neopente dominionist groups in general).

    So, yes, it's big.  Probably as big as, if not bigger than, Scientology or the Moonies by numbers and by income.  

    As for coerciveness--I'd probably put Gothard's program as being more coercive.  At least Scientologists and the Moonies are allowed some contact with Outside; the level of coercion is in fact worse than within the Sea Orgs in Scientology in that practically all external media outside of that approved by Gothard is prohibited.  (It is certainly one of the largest coercive groups in America with the level of control it exerts over its members.)

    Not only that, but one big part of the Gothard program I have not yet mentioned--birth control is in fact not only prohibited but the "Quiverfull" concept is actively promoted--the concept that the divine purpose of women is to have as many babies as they can (without their uterus falling out) and explicitly raising them as tiny "God Warriors" from birth onwards.  (The term "Quiverfull" refers to the young as arrows to shoot the nonbelievers--yes, they literally are breeding litters of kids to use as weapons against the likes of you and me.  The Duggars are one of the more publicised Gothard families, but they aren't unusual by any means.)

    •  ridiculing the "Full Quiver" movement. (3+ / 0-)

      (So they've changed their name to Quiverfull?  that's funny...)

      Take advantage of the fact that "quiver" is also defined as "repetitive muscular contractions," a description that is also appropriate for orgasm.

      And thus:  

      A full quiver, a loud moan, and a long sigh.

      How to use that:  Pin it on them every chance you get, including in their own online forums and when they show up in your neighborhoods.   Make the point that these people are sexually twisted and just trying to rationalize unlimited male lust.  

      And make the point that having children as means to other ends is gross, disgusting, and immoral, but do it in a manner that conveys ridicule rather than outrage (ridicule weakens them, outrage only makes them stronger).  

      For example, warning, nasty language here "So you're having all those kids in order to launch them as arrows in God's war?  How does it feel to be a breeding sow for a bunch of pigs?"  and/or  "Oh goodie!  Can you have a few more for me, I could use a couple of slaveys!"  and/or  warning explicit sexual language here "My husband also has an insatiable appetite for sex, but since condoms and pills are immoral, he just gives it to me in the ass.  But if I let him do me frontside, could we dump the extra kids on you since you seem so eager for more?"

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