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View Diary: BREAKING: Mike Huckabee member of Bill Gothard cult (264 comments)

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  •  Hillary, probably (8+ / 0-)

    Obama--yeah, there's the "OMG HIS MIDDLE NAME IS HUSSEIN" stuff, but he's likable, smart, and I just haven't seen the overwhelming amounts of frothing rage against him like I have seen in regards to Hillary. have people in the middle who are just as apt to go "Hillary, ewwwww".  Which means that some people may sit out, and some people could even go to whomever is running for the GOP (yes, even Huckabee) as a protest against Hillary.  (We can't discount the possibility of protest votes against us.)

    Edwards could probably stand a chance too, if he could get votes enough to do so.

    •  what about the racism/sexism factor? (5+ / 0-)

      Speaking as someone who's supporting Obama in the primaries.

      What about this:  

      Rush and Imus and the rest of 'em stir up the "who does s/he think s/he is?" meme.  Some do it overtly including using racial/gender stereotype/hate language.  Some do it subtly, for example by saying "my fellow talk radio host the other day said blahblah, well folks, that's racism/sexism and that's wrong, however, (blahblahblah subtle racist/sexist language here) and do you really want that man/woman representing the United States..?"

      Then by making that kind of crap so common that the shock value wears off, they effectively make it acceptable for people to go around saying things that reinforce it.  

      Then on election day, people slither into the voting booth with their newfound bad attitudes, as they cast their ballot for Hucksterbee or whoever.

      Seems to me that we are really at a turning point here.  

      Our candidate will either be black or female.  And the voters will be forced to fish or cut bait: what matters most to them, policy or identity?   As far as I can tell the only way we can lose in the general election is if there is a sudden surge of racism or sexism, or a "black swan" event such as another 9/11 (don't put it past Bin Laden to do it, in order to set the stage for his war between civilizations meme).

      In a way this is almost an archetypal parable: which path?, good or evil?  and here we stand, just short of eleven months from the fork in the road.  

      Question I have for you is, do you think there's enough latent racism or sexism in this country to make it possible for demagogues to swing the election to the Rs?  

      •  That's one of the things I do worry about (4+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        jakbeau, snakelass, G2geek, Neon Vincent parts of the country, it is entirely possible that people could swing to voting for the GOP candidate because of racism and/or sexism.  Definitely something to keep in mind.

        •  best weapon is RIDICULE (6+ / 0-)

          What we need to do is make a pre-emptive attack against racism & sexism, using ridicule as the primary weapon.  

          Also, we have to go after the politics of identity because that will be used as a weapon by the Rs.  

          Ridicule works where fear, shrillness, moralizing, and so on, don't work.  Ridicule works by belittling the target, making the target seem weak and unworthy.  It works on the basis of implied embarrassment.  

          So. How to ridicule racism and sexism, and identity politics in general?  This is something we ought to give serious thought, and we need to find someone who's in touch with Howard Dean in order to get the results into his hands for use in the general election.  

      •  Heh (3+ / 0-)
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        snakelass, dogemperor, Neon Vincent

        ...or a "black swan" event such as another 9/11 (don't put it past Bin Laden to do it, in order to set the stage for his war between civilizations meme).

        Oh, hell, I don't put it past anyone.  I can see someone like Timothy McVeigh doing something big in order to try to help his favored candidate get elected.  And, though I can't really see Bush actually blowing up a building with a jet in order to get a Republican elected, I can certainly imagine him blaming something that happens on Osama (or whoever else is convenient) if he thought he could throw the election to someone favorable to him that way.


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