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View Diary: BREAKING: Mike Huckabee member of Bill Gothard cult (264 comments)

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  •  i say we should use Goat-Hard (5+ / 0-)

    (Hi Web, we know each other from another forum.)

    I say use Goat-hard.  


    "Separating the sheep from the goats" and "hard-on" and (second-order derivation) "sex with animals."

    Reason why:

    Ridicule is one of our most powerful weapons.  Knock the bastard down to size.  

    Right now he plays the role of the big scary mean father who'll whup your disobedient ass, and thereby he elicits a response along the lines of scared children who want to get out of his way.  

    If we make good use of ridicule, we will knock him down to size and make him look like nothing more than a humbug.

    A scammy little humbug.  

    A scammy little humbug who's tried to puff himself up as a leader.  

    And his homeschooling curricula is nothing more than a ripoff.

    See how that works?  

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