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  •  A Huckabee run (4+ / 0-)

    would make the electoral map change entirely, IMO. One thing that would happen is that the mountain west would come into play.

    I talk to Mormons all the live long day, and of course they heart Romney, but they also like McCain. As long as things are friendly between them it's an either or type thing here. But, Huckabee with his evangelical roots makes their heads spin.

    I understand, I agree with the Mormons on this. I've seen the work of some of these wonderful folk in SLC. They do not believe that Mormons are Christians and aren't shy about telling them. They harrass people when they go to Temple Square and cause loads of problems.

    The worst thing the Southern Baptists did was have a convention here and declare their belief to their host city. They sent out their minions to hassle Mormons and they haven't stopped.

    The Mountain west isn't all Mormon, but Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, and to a lesser degree Arizona, Colorado and Montana all have sizable Mormon populations. They vote and Huckabee would be off their list without your extra info, with it, they would stay home in droves.

    A McCain/Romney run would take the entire region even if the Dems ran Jesus himself.

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    by high uintas on Sat Jan 19, 2008 at 08:52:36 PM PST

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