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  •  Speaking beyond the copyright stuff now edited (3+ / 0-)

    to 7 paragraphs ;)

    You are exactly right.

    each candidate spent months courting this union and others why? Because they know they carry their members.

    As for the intimidation this story is crazy to persue by the Clinton's for two reasons.

    1. Now that it is a big deal and obvious cover against retribution, why haven't others come forward to give credibility to the idea this is wide spread?
    1. How will other unions later in the race react to the Clinton's behavior and call out of union SOP?
    •  There have been other reports (2+ / 0-)
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      roseeriter, phoenixdreamz

      but none documented so thourougly.  If you read the whole piece you see that there are other incidents which do not have this level of documentation

      Of course there are 2 pieces in Hullabaloo and MyDD by dday and Todd Beeton which also are about inciedent s none other than Bill clinton supposedly

      •  So how many 5? (0+ / 0-)

        What about number 2?

        •  I don't get your question (1+ / 0-)
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          How many articles or how many incidents?

          Those 2 articles by dday at digby and Beeton at myDD.

          Inciedents the number is not knowable. I am not in Nevada to interview people.  Indeed a reporter has to believe there is enough truth to actually track  it down.  This reporter poohed poohed a very clear instance, so how much effort do you think he made in actually finding others...not so much I would think

          After all he didn't think Antuna's case was intimidation.  In his last article i Friday's Sun, (I can't t link my computer is acting weird)...he called that case legitimate...

          But I think any clear eyed view shows that's not persuasion but intimidation.

          I must close this computer before it shuts itself down.

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