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  •  Taylor Marsh is STILL the hack and the liar. (1+ / 0-)
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    As my post highlighted, Marsh tried to take this one story and make it into a widespread pattern, I wrote:

    Note her use of plural "members" in her post title and throughout her post. Nowhere does she present evidence of any such intimidation. She posts a radio interview with one of the Clinton-backing complaintants, Matt DeFalco, and infers that the alleged practice is widespread.

    As the Salon piece you highlight states:

    Still, despite Huerta's claim of widespread voter intimidation by the CWU, I haven't found another documented story like Antuna's. Matt DeFalco says at Paris, the union is only helping Obama supporters register to vote and get time off work. He says he distributed Clinton leaflets in the Paris cafeteria after the Antuna incident "and people were like, 'are you seriously passing those out here right now?' People are being intimidated into voting for Obama." But Mishak says he's investigated every voter intimidation claim "the Clinton campaign has been pushing" and that nothing, except perhaps Antuna's, deserves the term "intimidation." He adds: "It's surprising to me that people would be surprised a union would be saying to its members, 'You have to endorse our candidate. We need to win.'"

    So, yes, Taylor Marsh continues to be a lying hack. And you're no better.

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