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View Diary: Obama & Reagan, Take 2: It Gets Worse (190 comments)

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    Man, does Obama never stop?

    Can you do a diary trying to figure out why he started with comparing himself to Jesus (in his books), and on to Mt. Rushmore (Lincoln), then every slain hero in our party, and now to The One in Republican circles?

    It's so bizarre that he thinks he's a healer, a uniter, a savior.

    By the way, just so everyone thinks this through...
    what kind of Republican isn't going to be pissed if our candidate is trying to be their only hero?

    Remember Dan Quayle saying he was a lot like JFK?  Did NOT work.  Reagan's all they've got, they will never give him up to our party, and before any debate Rush Limbaugh will eat him for lunch on the  "I knew RR, he was a friend of mine (in Rush's hopped up mind), and sir you're NO RR."

    Great job!  And I KNEW it wasn't a mistake.  Like Bush, he thinks he really is just like Ronnie and that it's something good in a messianic-transform-the-world-by-virtue-of-all-that I AM kind of way.  And he thinks it's an argument that would actually work on Republicans who would accept him in their only hero's role from the entire last century.  Frightening.  

    Is he a Democrat for a day too?

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