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    that the 'history' I was taught in school is always so full of holes, so lacking in mention of the most pivotal moments in societal change?  King pigeonholed and neatly placed in one spot, Vietnam in another...

    I've learned a lot on this website, and it occurs to me that maybe it's time a number of the diarists here considered working on a history book.  History was one of my least favorite subjects in school, mainly because it was all just names, dates, and what were essentially sanitized visions of past events set up to give us a worldview that neatly prepared us for dronehood.  (Apologies in advance, I'm about to give my impressions of the implied racist views our history books tried to give us.)  Nasty, evil Germans and sneaky, untrustworthy Japanese beat up some not very important countries, but then started attacking the white anglo saxons (English) and horrifically attacked us.  The mean, evil Germans were putting homosexuals, intellectuals and Jews in prison camps, but that was ok until we found out they were also gassing them to death, at which point our inherent nobility caused us to go in and win one for the gipper.

    And so on and so on.  Little soundbites of cheerleading the country and the decisions of those in power, respecting authority and the like scattered around too.  But the problem with these Fox News approaches to history is the problem I had.  Without the missing pieces, there are things that just don't make sense, which turns you away from caring about the history.  People did things, but for the most part, the reasons are left out.

    Why are people generally apathetic about politics, about society, about others around them?  We don't feel connected, and that's good for the 'status quo'.  So we learn our history from carefully controlled pieces of not-quite-fiction designed to give us an empty framework view of the past that denies us involvement and feeling.

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    by drbloodaxe on Mon Jan 21, 2008 at 06:25:41 AM PST

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