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View Diary: SC Republican Primary Too Close to Call; Will Grampa Fred Drop Out? (394 comments)

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  •  A native South Carolinian's call (1+ / 0-)
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    McCain 10 delegates
    Huckabee 8 delegates
    Thompson 3 delegates
    Romney 3 delegates
    Paul 0% for 15,000 or so votes.

    Surprisingly, I think that McCain will take Greenville County, which means that Lindsay Graham trumps Bob Jones University.

    Surrounding counties, including counties in John Spratt's (D) district have gone to Huckabee.

    Turnout in Charleston and Columbia is light.  Turnout in Spartanburge (and probably in Greenville) is slightly heavier.

    Remember that there are 2.2 million registered voters in South Carolina.  And remember that South Carolina went 58% for Bush 40% for Kerry.

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