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  •  no worries! I will check back later! n/t (0+ / 0-)

    Hillary Clinton is turning out to be the Tanya Harding of Politics - Nisleib - Daily Kos Member

    by MadAsHellMaddie on Sun Jan 20, 2008 at 11:31:19 AM PST

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    •  Thanks, I'm behind. But I will read/comment n/t (0+ / 0-)
      •  Ok, Obama speech remarks (0+ / 0-)

        This is my assessment and notes I took while reading, Maddie. I thought it was a "Home Run" as far as what it said and the strategy of saying it now. Please note that I am looking at this from an analyst's eye, so when I say things like 'pander' I'm not trying to put the senator down, but am remarking on what I think he is trying to accomplish; it's not a judgment and it's just my own feeling. I think emotionally and tactically, it was a fantastic speech, and I didn't even hear it, I read it.  :)
        Obama's remarks:

           *Overall thoughts: Excellent speech; give speechwriter a raise. Accomplished what it was supposed to, and did so well

           *Analysis: A Reaganesque speech meets an MLK speech. Effective, continues the theme of Reagan's unity/optimism which I have mentioned is the campaign's strategy

           *What speech supposed to accomplish:

                  *Shore up AA SC vote
                  *Look to help get more white, Latino voters, esp.
                    after SC
                  *Eliminate McClurkin issue which will be everywhere
                    this week
                  *Equate Obama with MLK
                  *Talk more Dem themes as get ready for closed
                  *Ease doubts that he is all talk, won't be able to 'do'
                  *Reinforce "bridge partisan divide" thing; 'unity'
        Notes while reading speech:

           *Geared for churchgoing AA's in SC
           *Hope; Jericho as 'revolution'
           *Civil Rights AA appeal
           *MLK redux to further blast Clinton for 'racist' comments
           *Blacks don't trust selves; unity...
           *"I need all AA votes...and some white ones would be
             good, too"
           *Obama as ML King
           *Unity/bridge part divide/...
           *Moral defecit = SC pander
           *Concerned pol who must win SC talking
           *More of a Dem pitch; "Empathy defecit"; CEO's, ...
           *ATL speech = AA megacenter; play to SC
           *Invoking race
           *Being the 'black candidate'
           *Planning for non-open primaries; strategy evolving
           *Jena; Katrina
           *Latino/AA bridge/pander
           *Criticizing AA community to get more white votes
           *Asking for McClurkin forgiveness b/c those dividends have
             paid their dues
           *Casting off the whole anti-Semitism Richard
             Cohen/Farrakhan thing
           *Trying to get past "'hope' and 'change' mean nothing"
           *More populist with also hint of specific w/o being specific
           *Taking some Hillary talking points
           *Trying to make the sale; elections are a sale
           *My inspirational words will get the job done; don't worry
             about the specifics
           *Words and deeds
           *MLK stood against war, so did I (Iraq)
           *Unity is key thing again
           *White SC pander
           *(Rhetoric doesn't match deeds; 15 million uninsured)
           *Ashley story good; cross-racial
           *Jericho/walls/shake rejoinder; change happens through
             increments. Trust me and words
           *MLK out, ...

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