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  •  Diarist, thanks for using "corporate media" (3+ / 0-)

    in your diary, instead of "Mainstream media."

    The media in our country is a CONTROLLED media.  

    In a corporate state, the corporate media is the state media.

    Put in other terms, the ruling class--that controls our government and controls our media--loves them the profit-generating potential of the imperialist war machine and the military  industrial complex.

    These days, why would anyone expect to get anything other than PROPAGANDA from our media?

    Welcome to the New World Order:

    1.  A neo-liberal Pax Americana
    1.  A war machine that sucks up the resources of our society in order to enforce this order of things (and that makes the elites and their cronies even richer than what they already are
    1.  A small group of obscenely wealthy people in each country, who's interests are all more or less aligned . . . . with everybody else living at slave wage, subistance existences
    1.  A state that disrespects civil liberties at home and which is increasingly police-like and authoritiarian.

    And believe you me---Hillary Clinton will be right on board with this agenda.

    And her followers on this site, won't say jack shit about any of this.

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