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  •  Ah, the secret agent CIA man, SecDef emerges (3+ / 0-)
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    soonergrunt, shiobhan, moosely2006

    from the shadows to announce a few MRAPs.
    >heck of a job<</p>

    How long did it take to get PPE and up-armored Humvees for the troops?  The Rummy turkey trot while all those DoD weapons + 'footballs' of bundled money disappeared with Petreaus/Bremer in charge that lead to 2004.
    >heck of a job<</p>

    But, never mind about all the helicopters, jets, etc. that we are short. Gates has Blackwater, DynaCorp, Aegis Defense Systems, yada with all the equipment on speed dial. Bleed the troops to support MERCS at an exponential price.
    >heck of a job<</p>

    I better shut up. No, I got a few nasties about the House and Senate AS Committees that have gone with the plans that I'm thinkin' but can't say. May they all retire to Black Sites.

    >heck of a job<</p>

    This week's Pentagon Propaganda Release. BOHICA

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