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View Diary: Why Hillary gets it  and she does "support the troops" (253 comments)

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  •  Sure they have . . . (0+ / 0-)

    . . . like when CNN vetted the debate questions that Hillary would receive and had some college student ask her some inane softball shit instead.

    Yeah, right.

    That's an example of their "trying to derail" HRC.

    Plus, in many ways, Obama is just as much an establishment candidate as HRC is.  So, either way--with HRC OR Obama--the powers-that-be win.

    (And besides, the talk, going back at least two years, was that Obama was really likely to be the VP running mate.  That's what I really suspect he's running for now.  If and when HRC gets the nomination, if she selects Obama as her running mate, the script will have played out perfectly.)

    And unless you are part of the elite ruling class, you will lose.

    •  After all the bad blood between them? (0+ / 0-)

      I would have much less respect for Obama if he accepted the VP position in a Clinton campaign.  Since I have no respect for Clinton, I would not put it past her to want Obama as her VP insofar as that would guarantee the presidency, even after all she's done to trash him.

      •  All she's done to trash him?? (3+ / 0-)
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        dianem, diane101, testvet6778

        "You're nice enough, Hillary."

        And then to leave Nevada without acknowledging Clinton's win, and claiming victory?

        It is obvious that he and his team despise Clinton. Whether they have cause or not, I don't know, but I know from the outside, it's having a real effect and looks ugly. I used to say that the party had 3 great candidates, but I don't say that much anymore. I'd like to believe it, and have considered myself pro-Clinton, while being open to either Obama or Edwards, but I have to say, the more I see, the more I'm compelled to work to thwart his candidacy. I've never felt compelled to work against a Democrat in a presidential primary before.

        And for the record, I will vote for him if he's the nominee, even as I suspect the doom he may well spell out for us. It's a different kind of doom than one of the Reps might bring. It's still a right-trending doom, though.

        Living with offense is the price we have to pay for living in a free and diverse society. Being offended is not the same as being oppressed. ~ Irshad Manji

        by belly on Mon Jan 21, 2008 at 09:41:14 AM PST

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