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View Diary: McCain Leads Rudy in New York. Big Time. (268 comments)

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    the Republicans carried in 2004 will be hotly contested in the upcoming election:  Virginia, New Hampshire, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas (if Hillary is the nominee), Iowa, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona (only if McCain is NOT the nominee), and Nevada.  Rudy couldn't carry NY against Hillary, Huckabee wouldn't be able to carry Arkansas against Hillary, and Romney couldn't carry Massachusetts if Jimmy Carter were the nominee.  Only McCain can carry his home state against any Democrat.  On another subject, McCain, the front-runner, is broke.  Huckabee is always broke.  Rudy will be completely out of money by Feb. 6th.  Only Romney will for sure have the money to carry on the battle for delegates, although I suppose McCain's front-runner status will scare up some 527 money to support him.  So the Democratic nominee, Hillary/Obama or Obama/somebody will have at least millions, if not tens of millions, and the Repubicans will be BROKE (except for Romney, who is currently running fourth in national polls).  Life really seems to be good.

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