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View Diary: McCain Leads Rudy in New York. Big Time. (268 comments)

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  •  religious right (0+ / 0-)

    In terms of political blocs... there IS no "religious right" in New York.

    There are individual voters who are on the religious right, just like anywhere... but there simply is no "religious right" within the NY Republican Party as any sort of organized force.

    The only entity in New York that can claim political mobilization on any traditional issues of the religious right would be what remains of the Catholic Church (and the issue is abortion).  Of course, the Catholics are also big-time against the death penalty (a left issue) as well.

    •  not specifically speaking of NY (2+ / 0-)
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      milton333, CParis

      but of the nation in general.

      By "religious right" I mean a sect of Christians called the dominionists. They are backing Huckabee's candidacy, and they have considerable strength throughout the Southeast and even some in states such as California. One diarist here, dogemperor, has written extensively about them.

      They are the true "American Taliban", and they are hoping to gain mainstream respectability by putting Huckabee on the ticket. It's they who were uneasily allied with Bush in 2000 and who helped him so much then.

      They're a powerful force in American politics, and McCain can't hope to win without their cooperation.

    •  pretty much same in NJ (0+ / 0-)

      GOopers were trending Rudi, but who knows now?  Huckaboy is a no-go in NJ.

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