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View Diary: The Myth of the Myth of Edwards helping Hillary (26 comments)

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  •  If Obama blows it (1+ / 0-)
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    he will have nobody to blame but himself.

    He's the guy who decided to pander to Republicans in the middle of a Democratic Primary.  If the strategy works out, fine, he's a genius.  But I think Obama misses the forest for the trees.

    If you had asked Edwards supporters 12 months ago, many of them would probably have told you that while they preferred Edwards, they wouldn't hesitate to throw their support behind Obama if it meant keeping Hillary from winning.

    And, yet, what has happened in the past year?  Obama, a guy who was right on the Iraq war and has a solid progressive record, has slowly but surely scared a number of Edwards supporters into fearing that he isn't a real progressive.

    Obama has nobody to blame but himself for this sad state of affairs.  Edwards was right in Iowa.  The majority of Iowa voters had voted for change.  But that perception wasn't good enough for Obama.

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