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  •  Maura-- Thanks!, and a couple of questions??? (none)
    As a successful DCCC fundraiser, do you think it would be easier to raise funds around a specific race/candidate, than for the generic organization?

    I for one would like to see the DCCC reach out to every Dem Donor, (via the biggest lists,i.e. Kerry, DFA, MoveOn, DNC), and encourage us to participate and donate to at least one Swing Seat race. My two in New England are listed below.

    Also, what do you think about Howard ultimately heading to Congress. I think we need him for the House, and wouldn't it be great if he moved to northwest CT and took Nancy Johnson's seat! Howard Dean, Speaker of the House! Wouldn't that be great.

    CT-4 and CT-2! Two New England House races that Dems must win. &

    by edwardbanderson on Sat Aug 14, 2004 at 05:17:19 PM PDT

    •  Thoughts (none)
      First of all, if Dean was going to run in Connecticut, I'd rather see him topple Joementum once and for all.  ;-)

      Seriously, I think a seat in the House would be an awfully big step down for Dean, but if he would ascend to Speaker that'd be something.  

      As for ease of raising funds, I don't think my experience is necessarily a good indicator.  The DCCC Majority Makers contest put "fundraising bat best practices" into play in a big way:

      1. Have a defined start point and a defined end point for your online fundraising event.

      2. Allow individual donors to set their own goals.

      3. Create a visual metaphor for "progress to goal" and update frequently.

      4. Create a compelling theme for the event and create meaningful incentives around the theme.

      Under those circumstances, it was easy to raise money for the DCCC.  I think the vast majority of my donors would have preferred donating to an individual campaign, but the fundraising contest was compelling, it was a worthy cause, it had a personal connection (at least to a "blog friend"), and there was an exciting, fun component to a contest of short duration with a meaningful prize.

      Personally, I'd rather give money directly to a campaign simply to put it right to work and avoid organizational overhead of a "middle man" organization.  Nothing against the DCCC, and they're a worthy org, of course.

      From what I've seen, not many candidates are employing all of the best practices from the best online fundraising pushes.  That's not to say that candidates haven't been successful, some simply by allowing online donations to happen with little other effort.  

      But others have tried to just put up a "bat"-like graphic and have been suprised when it didn't move much.   I think the best online fundraising campaigns are those that combine what I see as the most important three components -- a defined goal, a defined time frame, and a meaningful theme.  

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