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    I've been there, too.  I still haven't told my family.  OK, fine--they don't need to know.  Well, sorta.  But what will all the regret do for you?  Maybe you need to get it out so you can put it behind you and it won't take away what chance for happiness you have left.  I know--missing out on the best years of your youth is probably the regret of all regrets, and it's one I share (probably to a lesser extent, but now I'm digging myself a massive hole here).  But we've all got regrets (well, most of us, I guess).  But you can still be yourself, and that's something.  Don't let regret get the better of you.

    I know that's not enough, but you're not looking for "enough", I don't think.   And just remember:  You've gotten a lot more sex than me.

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