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  •  TY ABB (4+ / 0-)

    She's got some strong support there; I especially like the Governors. I hope she talks to Richardson soon * fingers crossed *

    Isn't it nice to be excited by our field this year? They're all so competent and sharp. I do hope Senator Edwards does well on Saturday. He's keeping some major progressive ideals front and center, which helps our platform in the long run.

    •  Governors are important (4+ / 0-)

      because they control the state party apparatus (I know, a term anathema to many here on this site who prefer a grassroots approach).   It's been great for Edwards to have time on the floor.  I think that if he hasn't made a move by Feb 5, and this thing is still not decided, he should move aside and let the two finalists duke it out.  I'm still a leaner in this - have supported Edwards, Kuchinich, Obama and Clinton at different times, though now leaning toward Clinton.   I don't feel bad about that -- they are all very good potential leaders IMO.   And there is no one on the other side who I would even consider.

      •  28 Dem Governors this year! (2+ / 0-)
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        CarolinaDawn, phoenixdreamz

        I really like our chances in the general, when they're all supporting the nominee. You are so right about the state party--GOTV is everything and that takes year round, hands-on work. Dr. Dean's organizers have been so amazing in our state--really polishing up the game here, fixing candidate websites, recruiting state legislators, lots of party building activities.

        I'm a solid Clinton supporter, since she announced basically, but definitely will feel great and work hard if Edwards or Obama takes the nom. Glad to hear you're considering Senator Clinton--she's a keeper :)

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