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View Diary: Perspective On Health Care Reform (166 comments)

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  •  We need to start a comprehensive list (0+ / 0-)

    of things which need to be fixed or done:

    1.  Universal Health Care
    1.  Dismantling of the mercenary armed forces (the private contractors)
    1.  Re-instating the Glass-Steagall act and enacting laws to prevent the securitization of mortgages and other financial instruments by Federally-insured financial institutions.
    1.  The depolitization of the justice department - meaning that political types hired for non-political jobs have to be rooted out.
    1.  NCLB has to be re-written to give the Feds the control of testing or, more likely, repealed until the country is ready to get serious about education.
    1.  Changing the tax laws to treat income more fairly.  Earned income (from WORKING) should never be taxed at a higher rate than UNEARNED income - investments, dividends, even savings outside of a defined retirement plan.
    1.  Prosecution of members of the Bush administration who were involved in approving torture.
    1.  Requesting that an international tribunal determine whether war crimes were committed in the Iraq war.

    I welcome additions, corrections, and maledictions.

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